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The Comforter

(Mythic Delirium Books, 2020)

Included in A Sinister Quartet
by Mike Allen, C. S. E. Cooney,
Amanda J. McGee and Jessica P. Wick

“From the opening chap­ter, where a woman in high heels shoves her manicured hand down the throat of a homeless person, ‘The Comforter’ is a mind-bending mix of the strange, the inexplicable, and the outright horrific … Allen knows his way around cosmic horror; his Lovecraftian-inspired monsters, with the ability to incorporate all organic matter into their being (or what they call the Quilt), are a brilliant example of the alien and the uncanny, and a terrific contrast of the impossible and the anodyne — you’ll never look at buttons and thread the same way again.”

“‘The Button Bin,’ ‘The Quiltmaker,’ and ‘The Comforter’ make for one of the most bizarre and epic trilogies in the history of horror literature. The ‘Button Bin’ trilogy centers on these creatures which are made up of humans enveloped in humans enveloped in humans, to the point where they are no longer human, ‘Buttoning’ them together in what must be one of the most striking concepts I have ever read. It has this kind of fairy tale heart but is full-on body horror and walks the line between mind-bending horror and dark fantasy tale.”
The Plutonian




“The Quiltmaker”

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The Quiltmaker

(Papaveria Press, 2015)

Hand-bound hardcover,
limited to 18 copies

“His unsettling Nebula-nominated ‘The Button Bin’ is as disorienting as it is disturbing … In prose both lyrical and unvarnished, Allen depicts haunting regret … and disembodied shrieking rage … When he combines both emotions in ‘The Quiltmaker,’ a continuation of ‘The Button Bin,’ he transforms that original tale in ways that resonate throughout the collection.”
Publishers Weekly, from the starred review of Unseaming

“By the time ‘The Quiltmaker’ rolls around and we get a bigger, even better story featuring the narrator of ‘The Button Bin,’ Allen leaves readers with nerves jangling.”
Library Journal, from the starred review of Unseaming

“Allen can write as lyrically and as viscerally as the best of them, sometimes in the same paragraph.”



The Sky-Riders

(with Paul Dellinger)

(Mythic Delirium Books, 2015)

A vintage Western meets an alien invasion straight out of the golden age of science fiction and adds a chaser of steampunk in The Sky-Riders, a new novelette from Southwest Virginia authors Paul Dellinger (Mr. Lazarus, Fuzzy) and Mike Allen (The Black Fire Concerto, Unseaming).

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Follow the Wounded One

(Not One of Us, 2008)

A novelette set in the same world as “The Hiker’s Tale” and “The Cruelest Team Will Win.”

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“Follow the Wounded One”

is collected in

Aftermath of an

Industrial Accident

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