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The Button Bin

2008 Nebula Award finalist for Best Short Story
First appeared in Helix: Science Fiction Quarterly, Oct. 2007
Now at Apex Magazine, April 2011 (click to read)

other appearances
Audio podcast, Pseudopod, June 2009
Original Transcriptase page


The Black Fire Concerto

Part One: The Red Empress

Audio podcast, Tales to Terrify, June 2009 (click to listen)

Part Two: Bone Mosaics

Excerpt published at Black Gate, 2013


The Blessed Days

First appeared in Tales of the Talisman, Vol 4. No. 4, Spring 2009
Adapted as podcast at Pseudopod, Jan. 2010 (click to listen)


The Cruelest Team Will Win

First appeared in Corvidae, ed. Rhonda Parrish (World Weaver Press, 2015)
Adapted as podcast at Podcastle, Oct. 2016 (click to listen)


A Ghost of Christmas Future

The Roanoke Times, December 25, 2004


The Helping Hand: A Ghost Story

The Roanoke Times, October 28, 2013


Her Acres of Pastoral Playground

First appeared in Cthulhu’s Reign, ed. Darrell Schweitzer (DAW, 2010)
Adapted as podcast at StarShipSofa, Oct. 27, 2011 (read by the author)


An Invitation via Email

First appeared in Weird Tales, #350 Jul/Aug 2008
Adapted as podcast at Podcastle, March 2010 (click to listen)
Audio podcast, StarShipSofa, June 2009 (read by the author)


The Ivy-Smothered Palisade

Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 93, April 19, 2012


Let There Be Darkness

First appeared in Penny Dreadful #6, 1998
Adapted as podcast at Pseudopod, Feb. 2012 (click to listen)



Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 190, January 7, 2016



First appeared in Nameless Digest, Issue 3, Spring 2014
Adapted as podcast at Pseudopod, Oct. 2015 (click to listen)


The Quiltmaker

First appeared in Unseaming (Antimatter Press, 2014)
Now at Apex Magazine, January 2017 (click to read)


The Spider Tapestries

Lackington’s, Issue 8, Fall 2015


Six Thaumatrope microfictions:

Ants stir the sleep of the woman in the glass coffin…,” May 30, 2009
He sweeps down the highway, broom erasing center lines…,” Jun 9, 2009
Harry didn’t understand why the beachcombers kept screaming…,” Jul 2, 2009
Triggered after eons, aliens we believed to be our own “brains” awoke…,” Jul 7, 2009
A cruel joke returned his soul (briefly) to his body…,” Aug 1, 2009
Climbing in the gears above the Cosmic Sphere…,” Aug 14, 2009


Then a millstone came along…

Cabinet des Fées, Nov. 2005


Tick Flick

The Drabblecast B-Sides 56, Dec. 29, 2014


The Vintage Dress: A Ghost Story

The Roanoke Times, October 31, 2014


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