Poems from The Journey to Kailash III

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A Curtain of Stars

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The needle repeats
with imperfect persistence
dotted thread lines,
new meridians in cloth,

stitches connections
between constellations,
binds warm lining
to a curtain of stars;

a seam that would
only compliment
the cloud-free night
should it appear there

suddenly crisscrossing
the Milky Way.
The spirits of the stars
are with us tonight

watching from the heart
of the fire; sparks rise
to the flue as you stitch
a new cosmos together.

“A Curtain of Stars” first appeared in Star*Line, Vol. 25, Issue 5, 2002. Copyright © 2002 by Mike Allen. Reading by the author, © 2008. Art: Image courtesy of Wikipedia.


  1. I love the last 3 lines. What a beautiful image.

  2. Kiah Jones says:

    You’ve written a lovely poem. I stumbled upon it while searching for this photo. Where did you get/find it? It seems to have disappeared from the net. Do you know who designed it?

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