Attack of the Killer Sequel

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Actually, it’s too bad there isn’t a quick, snappy word akin to “killer” that conveys the concept of a fate worse that death.

I’ve just finished a new draft of “The Quiltmaker,” the sequel to “The Button Bin.” It was originally a lumbering 18,000 words. Now it’s a slightly more lumbering 19,000 words. Yes, I know, a novella, that special writer’s nightmare.

When I sent the mostly cleaned up first draft out to betas, I got three distinct camps of feedback, that could be succinctly characterized as: 1) cut it at least in half; 2) expand it into a novel; 3) a few tweaks and you’re done. For now, I’m going to gamble on a variation of 3) that at least somewhat addresses concerns raised by both 1) and 2). Should that fail to find traction, I will re-evaluate, I suppose…

Now, to … await more feedback!

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