A new review and a review PDF offer

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Sam Tomaino at SF Revu tackles the stories in Apex Magazine 23 and makes mention of my “Button Bin“:

“The Button Bin” by Mike Allen (originally appeared in Helix: Speculative Fiction Quarterly, 2007) is quite the horror story. Our narrator is after a man named Lenahan who has taken his niece, his half-sister’s daughter and done something horrible with her. He confronts the man with a gun but things take an unexpected turn and we find out why Lenahan is called the “Button Man”. We also find out some nasty things about our narrator. All in all, quite an effective piece.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve created a review PDF of the interior pages of the soon-to-be-released Mythic Delirium 24. If there are any reviewers or bloggers (this means you!) interested in a copy, just let me know! (You can email me or just post that you wannit.)

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