A new poem at Strange Horizons and a new review of Mythic Delirium 24

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Monday brings me two new precious things. First, my new poem “La Donna del Lago,” dedicated to Claire (C.S.E.) Cooney, has appeared at Strange Horizons. Fitting, as it’s the last of the “Claire-dare” poems that she inspired (though not the last to appear in print.)

This marks my return to the SH poetry feed after an absence of almost two years. It’s good to be back!

Also, writer Tori Truslow has reviewed the latest issue of Mythic Delirium, No. 24, over at the Sabotage website.

“Its 24th issue contains some damn fine – finely crafted, finely balanced, finely nuanced – poetry; it also, in good speculative tradition, feels like an adventure from the get-go.”

She highlights works by Ann K. Schwader, Nima Kian, Sonya Taaffe, Theodora Goss, Serena Fusek, Ian Watson, Joshua Gage, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Elissa Malcohn and Shira Lipkin. Congratulations, all!

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