unbutton your skin for “The Quiltmaker” (here’s how)

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I’m pleased to announce that Erzebet Yellowboy Carr of Papaveria Press plans next year to create a limited (18-copy) special edition of “The Quiltmaker,” my novella that’s a direct sequel to my Nebula Award-nominated horror storyThe Button Bin.”

And she’ll be working with my wife Anita to create these handbound volumes. This is really exciting … the last time Erzebet and Anita colluded, the result was the “Honey Corset,” created from the pages of Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month for the author to wear.

The Honey Corset, side view

In that instance, a book got repurposed for wearing. In this instance … the books will wear you.

Here’s what Anita has in mind: she needs 18 people to send her fabric that matches their skin tone as exactly as possible. If you have a distinguishing birthmark, tattoo or other visual feature that marks your skin as distinctly yours, she’d like photos. She’ll recreate said mark on the fabric and use it to create the buttoned-together “Quiltmaker” book covers for Papaveria.

If you’re twisted enough to want in on this (and surely you must be if you’ve read this far) contact Anita at anita[dot]d[dot]allen[at]gmail[dot]com (replace bracketed words with corresponding characters) to get the finer details.

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