Apex Books to publish my first story collection: The Button Bin and Other Horrors

/ Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 / 4 Comments »

You might recall this post I made last month about creating an e-book collection of my horror tales?

Well, scratch that plan. Much to my delight, and with immense gratitude to Jason Sizemore: Apex Publications is going to do it. And it will be available in trade paperback too. Official press release here at the Apex blog.

The tentative table of contents (nothing set in stone yet, of course) looks like this (Anita helped me figure it out.)

  • The Button Bin
  • The Blessed Days
  • Humpty
  • Her Acres of Pastoral Playground
  • An Invitation via E-mail
  • The Hiker’s Tale
  • The Music of Bremen Farm
  • Stone Flowers
  • Let There Be Darkness
  • The Quiltmaker

That’s a lot of concentrated evil in one book.

I should note, the Papaveria Press special hand-bound hardcover edition of “The Quiltmaker” (the novella-length sequel to “The Button Bin”) is still a go. (And still seeking fabric.)


  1. […] still pretty giddy from the news that I’ve sold my first short story collection, but I had another sale earlier this week. New Star*Line editor F.J. Bergmann has accepted my poem […]

  2. […] My apocalyptic short story “Let There Be Darkness” has just appeared at Pseudopod, read with prophetic conviction by Christiana Ellis. (Click here to hear how the world will really end.) “Let There Be Darkness” will be included in my horror collection coming out later this year from Apex Books, The Button Bin and Other Horrors. […]

  3. John Johnson says:

    I look forward to seeing this collection, although it may have too much evil in it for me to take all at once.

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