Clockwork Phoenix 4 is fully funded! And has a new $8,000 stretch goal

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If anyone had told me that I would wake up on the twelfth day of our Kickstarter campaign and discover that WE ARE ALREADY FULLY FUNDED I am not sure what I would have said to them.

But I can tell you what I have said this morning: many, many iterations of, “OH MY GOD WE DID IT!”

Thank you, all of you, so much!

Reaching $5,000 means that this book will happen. We’ve reached the minimum Anita and I need to make it work.

But I’d probably best repeat what I said yesterday: we hope to do better than the minimum. Both with this new book and with our future endeavors to come.

Our first stretch goals are simple. At $6,500, I can guarantee paying 4 cents a word to the contributors to the fourth CLOCKWORK PHOENIX volume. At $8,000, we’ll be able to pay 5 cents a word, which is considered professional rate.

This is what our sights are set on next. All the rewards we have listed are still available (except for the Clockwork Phoenix pins available at $60, which sold out; they remain available at $125) and we’re probably going to add a couple more things before it’s over.

Feel free to spread the news, and to let folks know about our next phase. A phase that all of you made possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

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