Why I chose Kickstarter: a guest post at SF Signal

/ Monday, July 23rd, 2012 / No Comments »

John DeNardo of SF Signal graciously allowed me to go on at length about why I turned to Kickstarter to fund Clockwork Phoenix 4.

But, just as with Mythic Delirium all those years ago, my parent company hit hard times, no one else is going to take its place, and if I want to keep going I have to go it alone. And I think Clockwork Phoenix has more to offer, that we bringing something to the table that the writing and reading community needs, that no one else brings.

Except, I’m not really going it alone.

That’s what I love about the concept of Kickstarter. It allows me to stand before the Internet community and say: I want to do this. Will you help me?

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