“The Vigil” appears at Gobin Fruit

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My poem “The Vigil,” dedicated to Nicole Kornher-Stace — and also one of my “Claire-dare” series of poems from late 2010 — has just appeared in the newest issue of Goblin Fruit.

Making this appearance extra special, the audio reading is by Claire Suzanne Elizabeth Cooney herself. And making it extra, extra special, artist Elisabeth “Liz” Heller based her illustrations for this issue on my poem — check out the steed of bone and straw below, and the imposing woman you see riding it when you click through. I think it’s the best illustration of one of my own poems I’ve ever seen. And even sweeter than that, the next poem in the issue, “Blueshift” by Sonya Taaffe, is dedicated to me. What a great early Halloween present.

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