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So it’s not quite two weeks yet, and the Kickstarter for the new version of Mythic Delirium has only $500 more to raise to reach fully funded. And we haven’t even posted any images of the new jewelry pins Anita is making! (With any luck, we’ll be able to do that tomorrow…)

Mind you, I know $500 isn’t chump change. Still, this is pretty amazing, especially since my zine focuses so heavily on poetry. Thanks so much to all of you who’ve supported us so far!

Yesterday and this morning I started thinking hard about stretch goals. (Gee, I wonder why 😀 )

I promised Anita when I started working on this newfangled Mythic Delirium that we wouldn’t completely abandon print. Right now I have built into the new Mythic Delirium contracts terms for rounding up each year’s worth of issues into an annual trade paperback anthology, not unlike what many of the other online zines do, but it’s optional, not definite. If we reach full funding soon enough, I think I’ll change focus to making those books a certainty. It shouldn’t take much compared to what we’ve already raised. #SFWApro

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