MYTHIC DELIRIUM is fully funded!

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Last year, on the Monday before ReaderCon, I launched a Kickstarter to revive the Clockwork Phoenix anthology series. It went better than I ever could have dreamed.

Today — on the Monday before ReaderCon — the Kickstarter to revitalize my other longtime publishing project, Mythic Delirium, has reached its funding goal. We’ll be able to keep publishing the new web and e-book version of the magazine at least through mid-2016. It’s like an anniversary gift!


This community is an incredibly generous, giving group to be part of. Thank you all.

Of course I have stretch goals, heh. For $750 more — $3,250 total — I’ll be able to publish a print anthology gathering the stories and poems in the first four issues of the new zine. Fortunately, perhaps, for those who’d like a break from my constant sales pitch, I’m not prepared to outline this second phase in full, as I have to finish prepping for our trip to Boston. #SFWApro

So instead I just want to point out that we have plenty of cool swag left that’s ripe for claiming. We have available:

  • Ten special color art prints from Paula Friedlander
  • Four copies left of the signed and numbered chapbook edition of The Immigrant by Cherie Priest
  • 18 unclaimed jewelry pins that Anita is in the process of making — and will likely finish at ReaderCon
  • Two story critiques from myself and Anita
  • And lots of other stuff. I hope you’ll give it all a look.

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