The cannonade of heaven rolls down the Amazon

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Two things newly available on today. Click pix for more details. #SFWApro

A thing I wrote:
A thing I edited:


Funny story about the thing I wrote — I had a very successful launch reading and launch party for The Black Fire Concerto at ReaderCon. Sold out of all my copies. Then my publisher (and I) were waiting for the book to go live on Amazon in order to start Phase 2. We waited, and waited, and waited. Nothing. Black Gate and Haunted Stars overlord John O’Neill contacted Amazon. Still nothing. And more nothing.

Finally, a friend of Anita’s, Becky Mushko, saw the listing through Anita’s Facebook page, and noticed that the promised publication date was July 15, 3013 — a thousand hundred — and to think I got an A in college calculus! years from now! Could that really be the problem?

This morning, John asked Amazon to fix the date. And the book went live within a couple hours.

So let that be a lesson to you all. Of some kind.

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  1. J.A. Grier says:

    3013! Ah, our science fiction really is going into the future … Congrats on the release of the book!

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