My novel THE BLACK FIRE CONCERTO gets official virtual launch

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black_fire_concerto_front_coverSo the official launch reading and launch party for my first novel, THE BLACK FIRE CONCERTO, took place at ReaderCon, and I ended up selling all the copies I had, which in the land of small press translates to “smashing success.”
The online launch of the novel has lagged behind by about a month — such are the ways of publishing. But it’s definitely here. You can read and/or listen to Part One, “The Red Empress,” and read the beginning of Part Two, “Bone Mosaics,” and of course buy the book, in trade paperback or Kindle formats. Because folks have asked: there are no other e-book formats being offered for sale at this time. (Psst! Review copies are another story.) #SFWApro
Most of my posts about my own writing are just of the “Hey, look at this!” variety. But here’s where I feel I should finally say: “The Red Empress” and The Black Fire Concerto represent the best writing I’ve produced since “The Button Bin” — and I really hope folks will take a look and listen.
Here’s the finished website for Haunted Stars Publishing, who published The Black Fire Concerto. Links to buy are here, plus blurbs from Tanith Lee, John R. Fultz, Tiffany Trent and R.S. Belcher.

haunted stars

Here’s the Haunted Stars sample chapter page, where you can read the opening section, “The Red Empress,” and also listen to C.S.E. Cooney’s amazing reading of same.
red empress

Here’s the excerpt from Part Two, “Bone Mosaics,” at Haunted Stars’ sister publication, Black Gate.
bone mosaics

You can also listen to Claire Cooney’s reading of “The Red Empress” at Tales to Terrify.
tales empress

Obviously, I hope you’ll check all of it out!

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