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black_fire_concerto_front_coverThe folks at Black Gate have been doing a wonderful job of promoting my new novel, The Black Fire Concerto. This past Sunday they posted an interview with yours truly conducted by the magnificent Patty Templeton.

Q: Do you talk out your works in progress with anyone or is all the work done in self-reflection?
I’m very superstitious about that. Sometimes I’ll share an idea with Anita and let her float suggestions, but generally I do not like to talk about works in progress. I think there’s a number of reasons for that. I don’t want to lose the momentum by talking it out rather than writing it out. I don’t want to invite criticism too early. I want to get the piece to the point where I think it at least looks like what I imagined it would before I let the rest of the world in.
I do sometimes sketch outlines. A couple nights ago I inadvertently stumbled across the first outline I did for what become Part I of The Black Fire Concerto. That was funny to see…the characters had different names!

Earlier, Black Gate overlord John O’Neill discussed my career and my new novel in one of his “New Treasures” posts.

I read Mike’s book in draft last year and was wowed. He has created a singular feat of the imagination, a world of shape-shifters, ghouls, and worse things, where two young women with a very unique form of magic may be the only hope against a sorceress of untold power.

Next up, I’m supposed to provide a guest post discussing the monsters in Black Fire Concerto. I’m a little behind on this, because I’m a little behind on everything. But it’s in progress. I’ve received a new batch of paperback copies as well, so review copies are also going out. (If you’d like to consider the book for review, by the way, get in touch!)
Speaking of catching up, my poor neglected audio column “Tour of the Abattoir” has resumed at Tales to Terrify. This time Shalon Hurlbert and I discuss two movies that purport to examine dybbuk possession, The Unborn and The Possession. It’s a fun column, though its informative value may be dubious, heh. #SFWApro

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