The Black Fire Concerto most read at Black Gate in November

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black_fire_concerto_front_coverThe week before Christmas, a power surge took out my computer and our stove. The night of Christmas Eve, I learned that once again the excerpt from my novel The Black Fire Concerto was the most read story at Black Gate Magazine — Olyssa and Erzelle and their friends and enemies claimed the top spot back in October, and have held their ground through November.
Does the one counterbalance the other? Well, not really, but you take the small victories where you can get them, hee.
One way that the news was encouraging — while I wait for my replacement machine, I’ve been hogging Anita’s computer in order to make progress on the sequel to Black Fire Concerto, working title The Ghoulmaker’s Aria. As of this afternoon I’m 53,000 words into the new adventure. In another version of this reality I’ve had to spend my Christmas vacation retyping the first 25,000 words instead of adding 28,000 more — so we’ll call that a small victory too.
By the way, the release of Mythic Delirium 0.3 remains on schedule; or maybe it’s more accurate to say it’s not yet off schedule, heh. Stay tuned.

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