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Because of a multitude of projects and developments, some of which have been documented over at the Mythic Delirium Books site, I’ve been remiss in posting new updates here. (Part of the reason is that I’m planning a major revamp of this site, so that you can actually tell at a glance that I produce books — but the time window to do that is always just around the corner, heh.)
Anyway, I first want to get caught up with “Tour of the Abattoir” at Tales to Terrify.
Last Friday, Larry Santoro, chief torturer in the TtT catacombs, let me get away with passing off one of my short stories as a column: my newest “Tour of the Abattoir” is actually my reading of my 2,000-word rendition of world-swallowing apocalypse, “Let There Be Darkess.” (Click here to listen.)
It’s meant to serve a preview of my forthcoming horror story collection, Unseaming, due to arrive in time for this year’s World Fantasy Convention after a couple of false starts with a couple of previous publishers. You can bet you’ll be hearing more about this from me as the months progress.
I missed blogging here about my previous “Tour,” in which, inspired by the fact that Robert Aickman’s work will be one of the themes of World Fantasy in November, I took an in-depth look at three collections of his that are available in ebook format. (Click here to hear it.)
In between, there’s been a lot of cool stuff going on: for three episodes in a row, Larry gathered together audio adaptations of a number of the Bram Stoker Award nominees. And coming up, Tales to Terrify is tackling something enormous — an adaptation of William Hope Hodgson’s The House on the Borderlands. Download it to your iPods and check it out.

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