Two Mind Melds

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Recently I was recruited for back-to-back “MindMelds” at SF Signal, in which assorted panelists of authors are asked to riff on sometimes esoteric topics.
In the first, “Our Favorite Food and Drink From Scifi and Fantasy!” I talk about the cooking and eating of ghoul flesh that occurs in my novel The Black Fire Concerto, because of course I would. In all fairness, Andrea Johnson, who organized this one, has read the novel. She had to know what I was going to contribute.
In the second, “When Genre Intersects Classical Literature and Myth,” I think my basic answer was, “When doesn’t it?” Heh. The hardest part was figuring out which examples of myth-mixing to limit myself to — there are soooooo many.
I’m honored to have been tapped, I’m in pretty classy company in both roundtables.

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