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Over at The Review Review, a review site for literary magazines, I’ve contributed a “Publishing Tips” article, which the editors titled On Crowdfunding, Paying Writers, and the Shift to Digital: An Editor Tells His Story. I was asked by poet Alicia Cole to talk about my experience with talking Mythic Delirium digital.
Have an excerpt:

It’s still difficult to get subscribers in the traditional sense, and I suspect that trend is unstoppable. Traditional magazine subscriptions seem to be headed the same way as radio serials. Crowfunding flips the transaction on its head by turning it into an exchange of gifts rather than a business transaction. That’s not so helpful if you’re Newsweek, but if you’re Mythic Delirium it’s a godsend.

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  1. Tripp Reade says:

    Dear Mr. Allen:
    Your Publishing Tips guest post at the Review Review is wonderful for the way it summarizes the past 15 years of litmag publishing history. This fall, I’m teaching poetry and fiction to 15 high school juniors and seniors; part of that class is designed to introduce them to the marketing, editing, and business side of the the writing equation. I don’t know if you’ve ever done a Skype Q & A, but would you consider one with my class? It would be later this fall, November or early December, for perhaps 30 minutes. I ask this knowing how busy you are, so please don’t worry if your schedule doesn’t permit! In any case, I wanted to write a note of thanks for the helpful post.
    Best regards,
    Tripp Reade

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