Nathan Ballingrud endorses UNSEAMING

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Unseaming_MD_webJust a day before the official launch of Unseaming (Though — shhhh! — the trade paperback is available already!) I’m honored to be able to share the kind words that Nathan Ballingrud, author of the superb dark fantasy collection North American Lake Monsters, had for my own collection of stories:

Mike Allen’s ability as a poet is evident throughout this fever dream of a book. Brutal, elegant, and shocking, the stories in Unseaming are snapshots of a beautiful Hell.

Thank you so much, Nathan!
While I’m at it, I can’t resist the impulse to share another review of Unseaming that appeared at the Book Crazed and Dazed blog:

I completely recommend this to anyone who likes horror books. This is the first that I am reading anything by Mike Allen and I am hooked. I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and will have no problem rereading it later.

Boy, I’ve got too much to stay on top of this week. At least they’re all good problems so far. Onward!

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