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My friend Michael M. Jones interviewed me for an impressive roundup article about how crowdfunding is changing the sf/f/h publishing landscape. The article, “Defying the Traditional Model: Crowdfunding in science fiction and fantasy,” appeared last week at Publishers Weekly, and contains quotes from a number of luminaries: Ellen Datlow, John Joseph Adams, Julia Rios and Alisa Krasnostein, Tim Pratt, C.E. Murphy: that’s amazing company to find myself in.
In the article I’m my usual cheerful self:

“I’ve seen a fair amount of fretting online about how supporting a publication such as a magazine via Kickstarter alone isn’t viable, because, of course, if your campaign fails to reach goal, you get no money and your magazine is dead. But I think what folks fail to realize is that these days, there is no reliable model for keeping a subscription base healthy.”

Publishers Weekly is also offering a free PDF download of a special “best of the year” issue that contains all its starred reviews published in 2014. I’m in this issue twice (!!!), for my story collection Unseaming and for the first trade paperback Mythic Delirium anthology, which I co-edited with Anita. (I note the pages those links lead to now have the correct cover images in place, woohoo!) Given all the other books highlighted, it’s an honor to be included, and more than a little humbling. This has been an amazing year.

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