My poem Hungry Constellations is a Rhysling honoree

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Hungry Constellations coverMy thanks to the voting membership of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, who bestowed a 2nd place Rhysling Award (in the “long poem” category) on my poem “Hungry Constellations,” which first appeared as a feature presentation in the absolutely essential Goblin Fruit, and is now the title poem of my latest collection. This poem means a lot to me, so to have empirical evidence that it resonates with others is wonderful.
Regarding the other winners, I’m compelled to show off some of the hard-won Rhysling expertise I acquired back when I was president of the SFPA. First, congratulations to Mary Soon Lee, who actually won the long category, her first win. She’s been producing great poetry for many years and I’m glad to see her at last get the nod. Her poem “Interregnum” is part of an extensive interconnected cycle “The Sign of the Dragon,” of which I’ve read a few others; I look forward to seeing the completed book. Congratulations too to third place winner Rose Lemberg, an incredible poet receiving her first Rhysling nod for “I will show you a single treasure from the treasures of Shah Niyaz.” Her piece is also a part of a cycle of “Birdverse” poems and stories.
A special congratulations to Amal El-Mohtar, whose “Turning the Leaves” won the short poem category. This makes Amal the first woman to win the Rhysling Award three times. To my knowledge, she was already the first PoC to win the award (in 2009, with “Song for an Ancient City,” from Mythic Delirium, and don’t you think I’ll ever let anyone forget that watershed moment for the zine.) In addition, she also published this year’s 2nd and 3rd place long poem winners (by me & Rose!) — and this kind of writer/editor sweep isn’t new to her. In 2011, when her “Peach-Creamed Honey” won the short category, she was also the publisher of the long poem winner, C.S.E. Cooney’s “The Sea King’s Second Bride.”
I’d say “Congratulations to the following Mythic Delirium contributors who are winners…” but actually all the winners have appeared in Mythic Delirium over the years, heh.

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