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Unseaming_HCSunni K. Brock of Nameless Digest has reviewed two of my 2014 books, horror story collection Unseaming and poetry collection Hungry Constellations, and she has flattering things to say about both.
About Unseaming:

This book is positioned to hit the mark squarely within the Lovecraftion/True Detective “New Weird” fiction movement … The themes explored are varied and fascinating … It is beautifully written, poetic and deeply emotional … Highly recommended.

About Hungry Constellations:

Allen’s fiction ideas are very weird, and his poetry is weirder still. Wonderfully weird. … Allen is an artist and words are his clay, his ink, his notes, his instruments … An excellent collection. It is rare to find genre poetry so artfully rendered. It is full of stars.

Sunni’s husband, Jason V. Brock, edits Nameless and also edited the 2014 anthology A Darke Phantastique, which included my horror story “Tardigrade.” To complete the trifecta, the Brocks posted a preview of “Tardigrade” here.

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