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Unseaming_MD_webHa! I’m been so busy doing things I’ve fallen behind on the blogistic duty of explaining what I’ve been up to. Well, this is a good way to return to form.
My Unseaming “book tour” is over, or has at least landed in a long pause. (I hope to share more about what all of that was like very soon!) My (Gruesome) Little Collection That Could has picked up some more nice notices along the way, though.
Locus Online has reprinted the review by Stefan Dziemianowicz that ran in the March print issue of Locus. It’s a review I feel incredibly lucky to have:

Allen can write as lyrically and as viscerally as the best of them … an exceptional debut collection, and its stories show an imaginative writer with a very original voice working at the top of his game.

You can read the full review here.
The March issue of Rue Morgue also held a review of Unseaming, this one from Serbian novelist and critic Dejan Ognjanovic. The review begins:

You just can’t turn your eyes away from the stunning cover by Danielle Tunstall: the seams of the skin coming undone and revealing the new flesh beneath. The image is a perfect introduction to the haunting world of Mike Allen, one of the most original practitioners of the body horror subgenre since Clive Barker’s Books of Blood.

When I was 16, The Books of Blood were my favorite books, period. And I’m still fond of them 30 years later. So you can imagine how that review made me feel…

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