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TSPcoverI’m hugely honored that Jeffrey Thomas, author of the cult classic genre mashup Punktown, took time away from his busy writing schedule to craft a blurb for my forthcoming collection The Spider Tapestries.

And I’m doubly honored by what he had to say:

“We think of science fiction, fantasy, and horror as genres of the imagination, but someone like Mike Allen shows us how lacking in daring and vision so many of their works can be, by resisting the labels altogether. The Spider Tapestries is kaleidoscopically, gloriously imaginative—feverish and fantastical—while never threatening to spin away into the nonsensical. Beyond the gorgeous and poetic mind pictures, he creates real, powerful emotions in the most alien of settings and circumstances. Allen achieves what I find most exciting in any artistic medium: a synthesis of beauty and the grotesque.”

Thank you, Jeff!

The Spider Tapestries officially goes live March 1, and is available for pre-order in paperback and e-book formats. Later this month I’ll be giving away ten ARCs on Goodreads, watch this space for more info.

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