“The Quiltmaker” and the Apex Magazine subscription drive

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In the Sudden Plot Twist department, I’m taking another pause from preparing for the World Fantasy Convention to share that:

A) My 20,000-word horror novella “The Quiltmaker,” sequel to my Nebula Award-nominated monster story “The Button Bin” and centerpiece (more or less) of my Shirley Jackson Award-nominated collection Unseaming, is going to be reprinted by the fine folks at Apex Magazine. It will be a way to stitch scattered parts together, so to speak, as Apex shared the “The Button Bin” with unsuspecting readers back in 2011…

B) The Apex gang is in the midst of a $10,000 subscription drive, and they’ve made the unlocking of “The Quiltmaker” (very desirable under these circumstances, not so desirable if you’re a character in the story fighting for survival) the reward for readers once the drive passes $1,000. Which is (ulp!) the very next goal on the list, and just one of many terrific perks, so please do check out what they have to offer, you won’t regret it.

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