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I’ve often broken the informal “three things make a blog post” law, but this time around I fully intended to combine three things in one post, heh.

Thing One:

I’m delighted that Clockwork Phoenix 5 made the 2016 Locus Recommending Reading List and thus is included in this year’s Locus Poll in the Best Anthology category. (The poll is used to select the Locus Award finalists.)

This is the first time an entire book of mine has made the list since the very first Clockwork Phoenix volume, eight years ago. (Individual stories from the second through fourth volumes made the list, but not the whole shebang.) I super-proud of and grateful to the Clockwork Phoenix 5 contributors, whose shoulders I’m standing on.

The magazine I edit, Mythic Delirium, is a Locus Poll choice for Best Magazine (a dark horse choice, I freely admit), and, to my delighted surprise, of which I’ve gotten to experience a lot lately, the poll for the first time includes me among the choices for Best Editor!

There’s any number of solid options besides, of course. If you’re interested, you don’t need to be a subscriber to Locus to vote. The deadline for voting is April 15.

Thing Two:

Speaking of dark horse options — but on my mind because Anita and I are planning to attend WorldCon 75 in Helsinki — I thought I should make mention at least once that according to the Hugo Award rules, I’m qualified for the Short-Form Editor category, and Mythic Delirium qualifies as a semiprozine. There are many other potential candidates with much bigger profiles, but at least I’ve now said it, heh.

I did have three original short stories published last year, which I’ve written about here; in terms of stories to consider for the Hugo, though, I’d much rather point people to the 2016 Mythic Delirium Books eligibility post, here. (That list now contains a Nebula Award finalist and an Aurealis Award finalist, woo-hoo!)

The deadline for Hugo nominations is March 17, and I’m looking forward to eventually casting my first Hugo votes, and actually being there when the results are announced.

Thing Three:

Speaking of attending conventions, Anita and I will be programming guests at sold-out MystiCon in Roanoke this coming weekend. Though I’m on a number of panels, I’ve deliberately not signed up for any autograph sessions or readings — I decided I wanted a break from book peddling, as my time these days is mostly consumed with a novel rewrite-in-progress. But if you’re going to be there, don’t hesitate to say hello!

Bonus: for my day job, I wrote about MystiCon’s artist guest of honor, Mark Davis.

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