Morgan Scorpion presents “Let There Be Darkness”

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Vlogger Morgan Scorpion has a YouTube channel in which she narrates new and classic horror tales in her delightfully stentorian voice. The likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Oliver Onions and M. R. James mingle with many of today’s most fascinating writers of horror and the weird: Simon Strantzas, William Meikle, Cody Goodfellow and the late W.H. Pugmire.

Scorpion (a.k.a. Julia Morgan) asked me earlier this year if I’d be willing to let her record “Let There Be Darkness,” one of my earliest published fictions, and one that’s been reprinted several places, including Pseudopod and The Bible of Hell. (At the moment it’s readily available in my horror collection Unseaming.)

In August, Scorpion shared the final result, and bowled me over. It’s sinful that I took so long to share it here. (And so perhaps I deserve to have my soul devoured for all eternity in a monstrous cosmos-spanning perpetual motion machine.)

Delight in the end of the world:


Hear Morgan Scorpion read my short story “Let There Be Darkness


In particular, this comment in response to the video brings a wide, evil smile to my face. If you give this tale a listen, you’ll understand why.

For what it’s worth, the idea came from a fugue of imagery I experienced in my youth every time I listened to a certain heavy metal song.


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