My 2019 Award Eligibility Post

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After a couple of years of what has felt to me like relative dormancy, I actually have a reasonably extensive list of shiny new stories and poems to highlight for the consideration of those who concern themselves with nominating and voting for awards, genre-related and otherwise.

I’ve already written an eligibility post about books and stories put out through my publishing imprint, Mythic Delirium Books: that post is here.

I’d like to put special emphasis on my new fantasy story “The Butcher, the Baker” that appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies in October, not just because you can read it with a click, but because I feel like it’s a particularly strong piece and the reactions to it appear to support my hunch.

I’ve had three new stories come out in 2019.

  • The Butcher, the Baker” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #289, edited by Scott H. Andrews, also available as an audio podcast read by Michael J. DeLuca.
  • “Nolens Volens,” first published in April in Eyedolon magazine, scheduled to reappear in December in the anthology Nowhereville: Weird Is Other People, edited by Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski. Both magazine and anthology are published by Broken Eye Books.
  • “With Shining Gifts That Took All Eyes,” published in Pluto in Furs: Tales of Diseased Desires and Seductive Horrors, edited by Scott Dwyer of Plutonian Press. (I have good luck with Scotts!)
  • In addition, the following poems of mine appeared this year, including three collaborations with S. Brackett Roberston. By the standards of the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Rhysling Award, all would be considered short poems.

  • The Sacrifices,” Sycorax Journal #2, February
  • Seed Our Marrow With Glass” (co-written with S. Brackett Robertson), Sycorax Journal #4, October
  • “shore skin” (co-written with S. Brackett Robertson), Not One of Us #62, September
  • “Supernumerary” (co-written with S. Brackett Robertson), Spectral Realms #10, Winter
  • Vacant,” Sycorax Journal #2, February
  • Anybody curious to learn more about any of these works is welcome to contact me.


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