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It’s not been easy, being a journalist working from home during the COVID-19 crisis; and now I’m journalist placed on unpaid furlough for a week because of the dent that same crisis has made in advertising purchases. However! One positive development is that it gives me some time to update items on my blogs that sorely need updating. Certainly nowadays folks get their very first news about creative developments from the social media accounts of the personages involved; however, such posts are ephemeral, and there’s still plenty of value in giving items of news a more permanent home.

First up, the collection of poetry and fiction by Theodora Goss that we released in February 2019, Snow White Learns Witchcraft, has made some more waves (or should that be flurries?) since the start of 2020.

First, Snow White Learns Witchcraft made the 2019 Locus Magazine Recommended Reading List in the best collection category, and one of the two stories original to the collection, “A Country Called Winter,” appeared on the list in the best novelette category. (Dora actually made three appearances on the list, with the final volume in her The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club trilogy, The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl, appearing in the Best Fantasy Novel category.)

Then, the other story original to Snow White, “Conversations with the Sea Witch,” got selected by editor Paula Guran for the forthcoming edition of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2019. Congratulations, Dora!

Mythic Delirium Books has other news related to Theodora Goss, which you could figure out easily enough by exploring the MDB site, heh, but I am going to save the formal announcement for a separate post that I hopefully will get to before the week is out.

One last little bit of intrusive explanation: because the threads of my publishing and writing careers are going to be especially intertwined this year, I am going to start cross posting Mythic Delirium Books blog entries on my writer homepage, Descent Into Light, and vice versa. (I used to do this all the time, but have compartmentalized things a bit more in recent years. For now, though, the streams are crossing and the wall is coming down.)

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