[Mythic Delirium News] DARK BREAKERS made the LOCUS list. We celebrate with an e-book special.

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Here at Mythic Delirium, we were delighted to learn that C. S. E. Cooney’s glorious collection Dark Breakers, a delightful blend of Gilded Age glitz, eldritch parallel worlds and majestic sorcery, has landed on the newest Locus Magazine Recommended Reading List in the Best Collection category.

Congratulations to Claire Cooney! (Her novel Saint Death’s Daughter also made the list.)

This wonderful news arrives exactly a week before we launch Cooney’s newest novel, The Twice-Drowned Saint, into the world.

And yet, a curious book-ending effect is at hand, as before The Twice-Drowned Saint was a standalone novel, it was the first long-form story in our anthology A Sinister Quartet; nearly a year to the day before the February 2022 release of Dark Breakers, Locus Magazine announced the inclusion of The Twice-Drowned Saint on its Recommended Reading List looking back on 2020, this time in the category of Best First Novel. (The story was originally intended as a novella, but “the tale grew in the telling,” as J.R.R. Tolkien famously wrote about The Lord of the Rings.)

So clearly, we had to mark this occasion in some fashion. Here’s what we came up with on short notice. From now through the official Feb. 7 debut date of The Twice-Drowned Saint, and likely for several days after; we’re offering a two-for-one e-book deal: pay half-price (($7 + $6)/2=$7.50) and get both, in the format of your choice, delivered to your inbox.

Dark Breakers & The Twice-Drowned Saint

Two e-books at one low price

Click here to buy!

Furthermore, if you have already purchased one book or the other but still want to take advantage of the deal, pay $7.50 and e-mail mythicdelirum[at]gmail[dot]com to tell us what other e-book of ours you want as a substitute.

Let’s get this party started.

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