“Kandinsky’s Galaxy” sells to Strange Horizons

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I learned tonight that my poem “Kandinsky’s Galaxy,” yet another installment in the Disturbing Muses series about 20th century artists, has sold to Strange Horizons. Woo-hoo!

A new poetry collection by Sonya Taaffe

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A MAYSE-BIKHL by Sonya TaaffeFrequent Mythic Delirium contributor Sonya Taaffe has a new poetry collection out, her first since 2005’s Postcards from the Province of Hyphens, and that’s absolutely something I want to celebrate and support.

It’s called A Mayse-Bikhl, which means “a little book of stories,” and it contains twenty poems from Sonya’s considerable inventory, selected by author, poet and Stone Telling editor Rose Lemberg.

Publisher Erzebet YellowBoy Carr of Papaveria Press writes:

These poems, as Jeannelle [Ferreira] says in her introduction, are “are deeply and completely Jewish poems”. Sonya pulls her material from the deep wells of Jewish myth and history, combining words to create a landscape both familiar and strange. She follows in that tradition of Yiddish literature most popularly published as chapbooks: stories of the fantastic, stories of romance, stories for women. It is entirely fitting that the front cover image, by A. Glixman, is of the Torah scrolls in England that had been rescued from Eastern Europe during World War II. The photograph was taken in 1969 when the scrolls were being restored by the Westminster Synagogue.

You can buy it from Papaveria (click here to do so) for £6.00 — which for us Americanos converts to about $9.50 — plus shipping. Paypal will automatically make the conversion, so don’t let that pound symbol intimidate you.

What’s been going on with me? (A list.)

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There’s a lot of stuff going on in my writing career right now, a lot of “let’s do this and see where it goes” sort of things.

So here’s some ketchup:

Nicole Kornher-Stace’s “To Seek Her Fortune” from Clockwork Phoenix 3 now at StarShipSofa

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I’m delighted to announce this morning that Nicole Kornher-Stace’s weird mystical steampunk tale “To Seek Her Fortune” from Clockwork Phoenix 3 is available now as a podcast at the Hugo Award-winning StarShipSofa. Go, listen, enjoy!

A Coal in the wild.

unbutton your skin for “The Quiltmaker” (here’s how)

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I’m pleased to announce that Erzebet Yellowboy Carr of Papaveria Press plans next year to create a limited (18-copy) special edition of “The Quiltmaker,” my novella that’s a direct sequel to my Nebula Award-nominated horror storyThe Button Bin.”

And she’ll be working with my wife Anita to create these handbound volumes. This is really exciting … the last time Erzebet and Anita colluded, the result was the “Honey Corset,” created from the pages of Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month for the author to wear.

The Honey Corset, side view

In that instance, a book got repurposed for wearing. In this instance … the books will wear you.

Here’s what Anita has in mind: she needs 18 people to send her fabric that matches their skin tone as exactly as possible. If you have a distinguishing birthmark, tattoo or other visual feature that marks your skin as distinctly yours, she’d like photos. She’ll recreate said mark on the fabric and use it to create the buttoned-together “Quiltmaker” book covers for Papaveria.

If you’re twisted enough to want in on this (and surely you must be if you’ve read this far) contact Anita at anita[dot]d[dot]allen[at]gmail[dot]com (replace bracketed words with corresponding characters) to get the finer details.

Reading three short stories tonight at Studio Roanoke

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Tonight I’m going to read three brief short stories as part of a Studio Roanoke event called “The Big Idea.”

I adore how they’ve billed me:

Featuring Death Newman, Chris Shepard, Illusions by Nelson Oliver, and creepiness from Mike Allen!

Sat. Oct. 29th, 8PM, $5.00 at the door

Yes, I’ll be performing in The Purple Hat.

My story “Her Acres of Pastoral Playground” from Cthulhu’s Reign now up at StarShipSofa

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As well as some delightfully pulpy artwork. Cthulhu fhtagn!

The podcast also contains an interview with me afterward, full of awkward pauses, strange skips, and giggle fits. I reveal, among other things, that the inspiration for “Her Acres of Pastoral Playground” owes more to John Carpenter’s “The Thing” than H.P. Lovecraft, and Tony Smith praises me for making use of sound effects without screwing up the recording. He’s an expert, so I consider that high praise.

Mythic Delirium 25 preview, part 5

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Don Eaves & Terrence Mollendor came up with this illustration for Darrell Schweitzer’s poem “Alien Graffiti.”

Illustration by Don Eaves and Terrence Mollendor

A Mythic Delirium announcement

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As of today everyone who submitted poetry to be considered for Mythic Delirium 26 should have gotten a reply of some kind from me. If you haven’t, please send me a query.

An interview with me at StarShipSofa

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The latest StarShipSofa podcast contains an interview with me that’s intended as a teaser for my upcoming audio adaptation of my horror tale “Her Acres of Pastoral Playground,” which will run Halloween week. I hope you find it as fun as I did! (Click to listen.)

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