And another poetry sale!

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Dan Campbell, poetry editor for Durham, N.C. magazine Bull Spec informed me this morning that he’s accepting my poem “Sad Wisps of Empty Smoke.”

The title comes from John Hall Wheelock’s “Sunday Evening in the Common,” but the topic is quasi-personal — with all the details changed, of course — in general, it’s about an abusive person who later in life, in failing health, becomes dependent on the person who was the target of the abuse. It was also the first poem in what I call the “Claire-dare” series, which I attempted to describe in this previous entry. Specifically, I had to write this poem before I could write in response to Claire Cooney’s prompts. Take that how you will.

Dan asked me if “Sad Wisps” had any connection to my poem “Requited.” It doesn’t, directly, but thematically I suppose they tread related ground.


  1. Alexa Seidel says:

    Congratulations! Glad this one found a good home 🙂

  2. Mike Allen says:

    Thanks, Alexa!

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