A new Mythic Delirium is coming…

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…and the old Mythic Delirium is going away.

In a nutshell, the print edition of Mythic Delirium, which only publishes poetry, is going to be wrapped up and put to bed.  And a new version of Mythic Delirium will launch in July that will exist in web and e-book form, that will publish fiction as well as some poetry.

In terms of immediate consequences, what that means is the current Mythic Delirium submission window, which lasts through May 1 (click here to read the guidelines) will be the last open submission call for poems for the print edition of Mythic Delirium. The poems accepted will go into Mythic Delirium 29, which I plan to have out by October of this year. The final print issue, Mythic Delirium 30, due out in Spring 2014, will be a retrospective issue spanning 15 years of poetic highlights.

NOTE: I am not currently reading unsolicited fiction submissions. I’ll do that during the next submission window, Aug. 1-Oct. 1.

There’s a tiny, tiny handful of subscribers to the print edition whose subscriptions go past Issue 30. Those subscribers will be offered the option of completing their subscription by picking from the available back issues, receiving an issue or a subscription of the new electronic version, or receiving a refund of the portion of their subscription that hasn’t been filled. Those subscribers will get notices to that effect.

MD_zero_coverThe new version of Mythic Delirium, which I’ve been personally referring to as “Mythic Delirium Zero,” will launch in July (to coincide with the release of Clockwork Phoenix 4). It will follow the models established by Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, et. al., though in a more modest form. It will be published as quarterly e-books that contain three stories and six poems, and also published online at the soon-to-be-renovated mythicdelirium.com website at a rate of one story and two poems per month.

Fiction-wise, the first two issues are already filled, with stories by Marie Brennan, Georgina Bruce, Ken Liu, Alexandra Seidel, David Sklar and Patty Templeton. Poem-wise, the first issue is full and the second is filling, with work by Liz Bourke, C.S.E. Cooney, Amal El-Mohtar, Karthika Nair, Virginia M. Mohlere,  S. Brackett Robertson, Sonya Taaffe, and more to come. At left you can see the mockup cover for Issue 0.1, with a stunning cover by Danielle Tunstall.

(If you’re familiar at all with my MYTHIC antholgies (Vol. 1, Vol. 2), the new Mythic Delirium will very much follow the pattern those books set.)

I’m very grateful for the opportunities the Clockwork Phoenix kickstarter gave me to transform and transition my longtime labor of love. And I look forward to sharing the results with you, in both new format and old, as the year proceeds.


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