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cover-art-pstd5-final-for-printer-fonts-embedded-with-is-templateThe newest issue of Postscripts to Darkness was just released, featuring my surreal far future sci-fi poem “Dearly Beloved.” This poem is set in the same universe as my short stories “Twa Sisters” and “Still Life with Skull,” and like them it’s heavily inspired by the art of Alessandro Bavari.
While those stories involve labyrinthine identity-switching double-crosses, this companion poem is intended more as a portrait of a day in the life of the citizenry. My thanks to poetry editor Dominik Parisien for giving this piece a home.
By the way, Dom has been agitating for me to write more stories in this milieu, and indeed, another one is in the works.
It might be worth mentioning that “Twa Sisters” was included in a chapbook given out as a reward by the Interstitial Arts Foundation as part of their recent successful Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a new issue of Interfictions magazine.

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