Discomfort Food and the BEST HORROR reading list

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Unseaming_ecover_newRecently Best Horror of the Year editor Ellen Datlow posted her annual recommended reading list, and I was pleased to see that four of my stories from 2014 made the bloody cut.
On the honorable mention roll call: “The Quiltmaker,” my novella-length sequel to “The Button Bin,” that appeared in Unseaming; “The Lead Between the Panes,” first published last year in Lakeside Circus, reprinted in Unseaming; “Monster,” published in Nameless Digest, also reprinted in Unseaming; and “Tardigrade” from Jason V. Brock’s A Darke Fantastique anthology.
Thanks, Ellen, for the tip of the hat.
Even more recently (like, today) a Mind Meld forum discussing weird fiction appeared at SF Signal. A number of my esteemed fellow authors tackled a definition of “The New Weird,” but since I basically think of “The New Weird” as “newer writers writing the Weird” I fudged that part of the question and focused more on why I think folks like the Weird in general, and thus I attempt to explain the made-up-on-the-spot concept of Discomfort Food — the idea that it’s comforting to know that others find life as disturbing as I do.
The Mind Meld also includes much more learned input than mine from Ann VanderMeer, Laird Barron, C.S.E. Cooney, John Klima, Lucy A. Snyder and many more. Check it out here. My thanks to Andrea Johnson for including me!

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