“The Quiltmaker” at Apex Magazine

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Starting today at Apex Magazine, my 20,000-word horror story “The Quiltmaker” is free for all to read. This is easily my most gruesome published work to date, originally available only in my Shirley Jackson Award-nominated collection Unseaming. My thanks to Jason Sizemore and his crew for bringing it to a whole new audience!

I’m in great company in this issue, which also contains stories by Lia Swope Mitchell, Iori Kusano, Ursula Vernon, James Beamon, J.J. Litke and Rich Larson.

I should mention that the Nebula Award-nominated prequel to this story, “The Button Bin,” is also available at Apex Magazine.

Hopefully the make-believe horror will help take your minds off the real horrors so prevalent this week.

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  1. […] to his Nebula nominee “The Button Bin,” is a massive 20,000 word novella which Mike calls “easily my most gruesome published work to date” (and as the guy who edited and […]

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